About us

Aurelio Latella Advisory is the place where everything is possible.

Aurelio Latella Advisory is the place where everything is possible.
It’s the place where ideas take shape and become a project, become concrete in their different forms and become reality.
This project is nourished with passion and creativity. Our professionalism, a rigorous analysis methodology and a long problem-solving experience in complex organizational contexts ensure great results.
We fix our gaze on change and innovation, but we keep our feet firmly to the ground, to accompany the client towards forefront solutions, coherent with the story and needs of the company.

Our approach

  • Multidisciplinarity

    We promote and support the company development with a strong input towards the final result, through our multidisciplinary approach.

  • Cohesion

    We mean to be a cohesive element for the organizations we work with, and to transfer their enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit to realize projects of change.

  • Innovation

    Quality, creativity and innovation are our guidelines to reach levels of outstanding professionalism, together with a strong team spirit in our internal relationships.


Six areas of expertise, scalable and easy to integrate, a ‘holistic’ approach, for a unique, complete and structured range of services.



Integrated communication

Sales and Marketing

Corporate Social Responsibility

Design Thinking

Management Team

Aurelio Latella

Aurelio Latella Managing Partner

I have worked with passion and tenacity, for great companies which lead the national and international markets, among different market areas. I have been CEO, Director, General Manager and Board Director and performed activities of Advanced Training and Advisory for leader organizations.

Enrica Ruggeri

Enrica Ruggeri Partner

41 years old, with a natural inclination to excellence and attention to detail, without neglecting a global vision. I have 16 years of experience with institutional and business communication. Copywriter, ghostwriter for articles, speeches and whitepapers, I link my writing skills to my passion for visual communication, which I have developed thanks to my experience as coordinator of creative projects involving the web, social and desk publishing.