On March 27th ‘Sèleco Design Workshop’ opens in Lucca!

on August 1, 2017
By Enrica Ruggeri.


16 young designers coming from every corner of the world and 7 days of ‘creative camp’ to work on the design of the new Séleco TVs and develop innovative concepts to reintroduce the brand on the market.

Lucca, 27th march 2017 – From today to the first of April, the town of Lucca will host in the spaces of Palazzo Orsetti and of the Foundation ‘Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca’, the ‘SèLECO DESIGN WORKSHOP’, a project invented and organized by Aurelio Latella Advisory, on behalf of Twenty Spa, an Italian young and dynamic consumer electronics company, which has recently acquired Séleco brand and started a phase of reintroduction on the national and international market.

With a totally disruptive approach, inspired from the principle of Design Thinking, 16 young ‘televisionaries’, belonging to the IED circuit (European Institute of design, one of the most important and prestigious Italian centres) will have the opportunity to dive into the Séleco reality and work on the reintroduction of the brand and industrial design in an intensive way.

Under the guidance of art director Francesco Subioli (Executive member of ADI, an association that every year organizes the well-known Golden Compass), Marco Pietrosante (professor for ISIA, Upper Institute for Art Industries of Pordenone) and the IED teacher Marika Aakesson, students of Italian, Spanish, Ghanian, Argentinian, Chinese, Swedish, English and Kurdish nationality, will be invited to rediscover the story related to the famous Friuli brand. So they will be able to propose, with a modern interpretation, geometries, colours and materials able to transform the screen into a design object and a piece of furniture, escaping from anonymous and standardized shapes, which characterize the current high tech world.

Séleco is the historical brand, born in the 1960s, as a consequence of the great increase in TV sales in Italy, as a division from Zanussi. It became autonomous in 1984. It immediately achieved great success and awards in the world, both for its quality and design of its output. In 1986 it became the first Italian producer of colour TV with the 13% of the national market. Nowadays, thanks to Twenty S.p.A, the brand and the Séleco production have the possibility to be born again, with the aim to build an authentic made in Italy brand within a few years. The new Séleco TV range, appliances with high definition from 24 to 55 inches, with a unique design and an innovative technology, will be on the market starting from April. It will be positioned on a medium-high band: a premium and prestigious positioning.

‘Lucca opens to the World and becomes more and more the town for the creative design – said Assessor Serena Mammini, when she met the young European Design Institute students. In 2015, we hosted a group of IED students for a workshop dedicated to the Tuscan cigar. This year we repeat this experience, moving to another historical Italian brand, which will be renewed thanks to the young energy of the participants, coming from different continents.

The municipal administration is glad to have you in our amazing town, with its architectonical geometries, full of history. I think it will inspire your best imagination’.

‘Italy has got a great patrimony but companies not always exploit it. In particular, those of the technological sector. The combination of creativity and design – underlined Aurelio Latella, inventor of this initiative.

And yet, the international trends are clear: on the one hand, technologies, e.g. TVs, tend to be equivalent and their added value is represented by their usability and design asset (features which put our Country in pole position)’.

Franceceso Subioli, the art director who will lead the students in these 7 days, reminds us that the key question during a workshop like this is ‘and now… what can we invent? The feeling is that everything has been already said and done. But, after a week, in which we obsessively reflected together with the students, something interesting will be created, thanks to the method, creativity and the mix of different cultures. In addition, working in a fabulous town, Lucca, highlights the most virtuous aspect of the Italian DNA’.

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