Services to support companies or private and public organizations to create or re-organize their long-term strategies..

  • // Business Model & Planning

  • // Industrial Plan

  • // Corporate Strategy

  • // Start-Upping

  • // Brand & Product Strategy

  • // Corporate Legal Strategy


Nowadays, modern companies are interested in their search for effectiveness, cost reduction and innovation. With our support, it will be possible to structure the organization in the best way, balancing the requalification of the internal personnel with the introduction of new resources and external professionals.

  • // Change Management

  • // Performance Management

  • // Training

  • // Employee Satisfaction

  • // Strategic Partners Scouting & Selection

  • // Temporary Management

Integrated communication

Integrated Communication is among several channels, ranging from the most traditional to the most innovative, from outbound instruments to inbound marketing strategies, with a pragmatic vision oriented to results and efficacy, both in Brand and Product activities.

  • // Corporate Communication Strategy

  • // Institutional Communication

  • // Communication Above e Below the line

  • // Digital Strategy, Web & Social Media Marketing

  • // PR & Events

  • // Press Office

Sales & Marketing

Creation and Implementation of Marketing and Commercial activities: the best ideas and solutions to create, enlarge or restart the companies in Italy and abroad.

  • // Marketing Planning

  • // CRM Development

  • // Process Re-engineering

  • // Campaign Management

  • // Internationalization

  • // National and International Legal Diligence & Compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR and CSV are based on the assumption that the role of the companies, associations, institutions and professionals is much more than a mere production of goods or provision of services. It contributes to the progress of society and the creation of value for all the stakeholders. The CSR goes beyond the respect of the law and identifies those practices and behaviors that a company should adopt on a voluntary basis, in order to obtain great advantages for both itself and the context where it operates.

  • // Analysis of the compliance to the European laws (in effect since January 2017)

  • // Counselling to realize and implement CSR and CSV paths

  • // Stakeholders mapping and personnel engagement

  • // Training on CSR and CSV

  • // Non-profit Associations profiles and matching

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a modern model of multidisciplinary company management. It was born in the Design world and is particularly suitable to deal with complex problems with an uncertain outcome, which bring decision risks. Our team boasts relevant references and competences coming from different Business, Design, Marketing, Change Management fields, synergies able to integrate and deal with the necessary complexity.

  • // Definition of medium and long-term Business Strategies

  • // Creation of new products, services and processes

  • // Organizational Planning

  • // Acquisition projects, Spin-off

  • // Startup launch